Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Fig day

I’m looking at the gray clouds gathering over the sky and can’t belive that on Saturday it was still real summer! Bright sun light, blue sky…

But stop. I’ll tell you about that step by step.
Saturday morning my mum and I were on our way to the farmer’s market.

- I wonder, when will figs appear? I’d love to buy some!
- Well, I guess I saw some not long ago.
- Really? –I closed the car door and we passed to the market.

Indeed. We saw them at the first counter. Tidy small baskets full of irregular shaped violet fruits.
I felt in love with them immediately! How much will I buy? Dozen? Two?
I don’t even know why I love figs so much but I’m really crazy about it!
Soft velvet rind, colorful pulp, incredible smell… Well, I guess if you had tasted them once you surely felt in love with them too!

“What will I make with them?”

I took the little basket and was going to put it into the fridge. While I was thinking, my hand took one fig herself – and I felt the pure taste of fig in my mouth.
A little bit later, when my husband Y. came home I realized that it’s almost dinner time. But we were not really hungry – because of the hot weather. Suddenly I remembered about the figs – wonderful! We’ll have alight summer dinner!
Fresh figs, flavoured honey, some cheese and some boiled eggs – for Y., to make his dinner a little more nourishing. Y. ate eggs and a cheese sandwich while I was preparing a dessert –yoghurt with some honey and figs.
The dessert excited our appetite and we decided to eat some cheese dipping it in honey.

Well, after such a dinner it will be quite good to go for a walk.
We took our cats and went to the forest.
In autumn the sun set down quite early so the forest was full of strange shadows and rays of light were beautifully illuminating the leaves.
Our cats were smelling the grass watchfully but then grow bolder and began to explore the nature. While me and Y. just enjoyed the last summer days.

Fig, yoghurt and honey dessert

2 serves:
250 ml plain yoghurt
2 tsp clear honey
2-3 figs

Cut figs into 8 pieces, put in a glass add yoghurt and honey.

Of cause, the recipe is quite simple but Y. and me really enjoyed it!

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